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Thursday, April 5, 2018

PREACHERS EXPOSED Satanism Pentecostalism New Age Tongues Demonic

Mone of the main falsehoods Pentecostal error and the predominantly external criterion by which the various Pentecostal groups believe someone as you saved it is the gift of speaking in tongues, which they perceive as personal fulfillment of each one with the Holy Spirit, to repeat the event of Pentecost, as happened to the holy Apostles. [ keim.htm. H. D.Reimer. Pfingstbewegung, Munehen 1995, σελ. 961-962].

The called speaking in tongues is proof pursuant Pentecostals of their "baptism with the Holy Spirit" [A.-S. McPherson, symbol of Pisteos.The four Square Gospel. Sel.19-21. Lymperis Siologkas, Steps leading to the blessings of God. P.17] and guaranteed receipt of the Christ at the rapture of the church, before the advent of the Antichrist, according to another their falsehoods.

Taftochronos supposedly is certification criterion that someone belongs to the church and are living members, since according to the misled allegedly true church in the end times is true feature of speaking in tongues.

As proof of their claims rely crowd hagiographical passages related to the presence of the gift of tongues in the years of the Apostles. What relationship but are the villages mentioned in the gift of speaking in tongues, as it existed in the ancient Church, the phenomenon of speaking in tongues Pentecostals? Undoubtedly no. Moreover, not only are not related, because misinterpret and why the submissions and the tongues of Pentecostal experiences are radically opposed to the Bible.

As examples will highlight the following:

They cite the prophecy Joel 3.1-2considering as pouring of the Spirit in the last days the phenomena of the area. Last days But in this passage is considered the first advent of Christ why the Apostle. Peter in Acts. 2.16 states that the prophecy has already been fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. On the day of Pentecost the Apostles speak foreign languages ​​existent, familiar, understandable (Πράξ. 2,4).

This is confirmed by dozens of people from different origins, who listened and understood the greatness of God everyone in the language of (Πράξ. 2, 6-8,11).

In contrast, in gatherings of Pentecostals who tongues gibber, say incomprehensible words, unknown, incomprehensible, asyntachtes sentences sometimes resemble delirium accompanied where appropriate and with spasms of the body.

When the apostle Paul may not have all the gift of speaking in tongues (I Kor.12,4-11, 30).

The opposite claim Pentecostals , Seen as the sine qua non proof filling of the believer with the Holy Spirit. When the apostle Paul, also the gift of speaking in tongues is placed last series of gifts (I Cor. 12.8 to 10, 28). Pentecostals here reverse the order and consider first, main and basic.

The Bible says that speaking in tongues was then given as a supernatural sign not for believers but for unbelievers, to motivate and to believe(I Cor. 14, 22).

The opposite teach Pentecostals, And consider it as the first point of salvation is certain.

Tha complete our observations with another label key referred to the character of the experience of speaking in tongues Pentecostals. While the gifts granted by God to the Church given freely and effortlessly to increase in Christ and unity of His Body (AKor.12), speaking in tongues Pentecostals is the fruit of various techniques, exhilarating events, emotional, and psychological submission pressures.

Nomizoume that is understood, as far as we mentioned, that the tongues of modern Pentecostal has nothing to do with the gift of speaking in tongues of the ancient Church. Are energies of the spirit of error, which being transformed into an angel of light presents them as somehow off - experience the filling with the Holy Spirit. This is confirmed by the fact that there are Pentecostal groups speaking in tongues but unitarian. In this case it is clear what spirit epidemic and there.

We will complete our reference to the issue of speaking in tongues Pentecostals quoting the views of two Greek Protestants. The importance and their importance is obvious, as is endoprotestantiki criticism, that criticism Protestant Protestant Pentecostals in the matter of speaking in tongues, sole guide the Bible.

According therefore to a Greek Protestant called "baptism with the Holy Spirit"Pentecostals whose fruit is speaking in tongues, is perception, false,"absolutely no support in the Bible (···) Look carefully the New Testament and nowhere will meet the baptism of the Holy Spirit as something separate from regeneration.» [G.A.Chatziantoniou. The Holy Spirit. The two phases of the project, the Voice of the gospel, 57 Febr. 1997. sel.62]

And another "speaking in tongues and miracles are two of the eminently effectively means the devil, imitating God, treats today for dark purposes» [Ger. Zervopoulos, Copyright. Greek Free Churches abroad sel.97] . Furthermore, believes that "speaking in tongues today is not only a gift unnecessary but also dangerous "And mentions the misinterpretation of Pentecostals. «which support the incomprehensible tongues to the event of Pentecost, from which they took their name, despite the fact that the Pentecost the disciples did not speak unintelligible languages, but spoke earthy, human languages, which were immediately and fully understood by listening» . [Ger. Zervopoulos, op.cit, sel.105]

And in the matter of speaking in tongues then Pentecostals, Orthodox Christian should have in mind the words of the Apostle Paul "agreements is left to the learned and epistothis, eidos despite what you learned"(II Tim. 3, 14). (Mark OODE: For an Orthodox analysis of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, see our digital book: " The baptism of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament ").

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