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KURDS ARMENIANS WILL HAVE THEIR OWN STATE,TURKEY WILL PAY FOR THE crimes- The Armenians will have their own property, Turkey will pay for the crimes they have committed, will invade in the Aegean and will be their last move. they will be destroyed, England will help the Russians, but they will have disagriment in Constantinople, thus will be given to the Greeks. Elder Paisios According to the prophecy of Saint from Greece, in the short term Turkey will be defeated,in the war with Russia and will disappear from the face of the earth as a state. Turkey was not blessed by God, it did not regret the barbarity and genocide of the Armenian people. The city of Constantinople will go to Greece. The third part of the Turks accepts the orthodox faith and the other Turks to give up their homeland forever. KARMA WILL PAY OFF

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Aliens are demonic beings because ..

The extraterrestrials of our time match the demons and the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible as to their behavior.
As the Bible offers strangers, they never confirm the deity of Christ, nor claim that they come in his name.
Aliens change their stories to deceive people into believing their lies. An example of this is that before humans came out or sent the satellites there, aliens could claim to be the planets, like Jupiter in our solar system. As time passed and man learned more about our planet, we realized that no one could live on a planet like Jupiter, so aliens changed their story. They now claim to come from other solar systems and star clusters, such as Andromeda and the Pleiades.
Although the aliens said to go, they seem to have to survive, just as fallen angels need human beings to plunder.
The foreign abductions stopped by invoking the name of Jesus.
Foreigners bring ideas to the earth to help people join the world in a new era of consciousness. This combination opens the way for their leader (who is the Antichrist), makes mankind forget his religion and beliefs in their own countries.
Aliens often call themselves "newcomers" and occultists, unlike Christians. This is not always the case, as people from all walks of life have come into contact with "foreigners". However, I think these "space brothers" are not very interested. In communication with Christians This is because Christians will be able to see disguise and strangers learn about what they are: Demons
Aliens do not contradict the loved ones by the people can also deny their creator (God). Instead of claiming that the creators. This serves to pull man away from God.
Aliens give human technology, but these "achievements" are usually devastating. There are secret plans of many governments in their budget, which usually concern the creation of new weapons systems. Much of the technology for such weapons is said to come from aliens. Why do strangers never give us the technology that saves lives?
Aliens often emit terrible odors such as sulfur. Christians believe not only in the immortality of the soul and the resurrection
of the body. According to God's proposal in our first creation, the human soul and the
The human body is intertwined and no one can be right without the other. Sa
As a consequence of the fall, the death of the body, these two separate, but this separation is
permanent and permanent. At the Second Coming of Christ we will be resurrected from the dead with the soul
us and our body. And so, having the soul with the body again, we will come forward
to our Lord for the final judgment.

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