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KURDS ARMENIANS WILL HAVE THEIR OWN STATE,TURKEY WILL PAY FOR THE crimes- The Armenians will have their own property, Turkey will pay for the crimes they have committed, will invade in the Aegean and will be their last move. they will be destroyed, England will help the Russians, but they will have disagriment in Constantinople, thus will be given to the Greeks. Elder Paisios According to the prophecy of Saint from Greece, in the short term Turkey will be defeated,in the war with Russia and will disappear from the face of the earth as a state. Turkey was not blessed by God, it did not regret the barbarity and genocide of the Armenian people. The city of Constantinople will go to Greece. The third part of the Turks accepts the orthodox faith and the other Turks to give up their homeland forever. KARMA WILL PAY OFF

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Praying for the dead existed from the very beginning, it exists even in the Scriptures - along with the earliest Christian testimonies.

By contrast, Purgatory is clearly a later innovation that makes sense only within the framework of the legalistic doctrine of Salvation that developed in the West in the Middle Ages. Purgatory was not part of the common deposit of Faith. Eastern Churches .

Look into the Ancient Faith, brother. I am sure you'd be surprised.

Be blessed,ALL OF YOU
Purgatory is false
Purgatory is false if you believe in purgatory then you believe that Jesus Christ did not pay in full for our sins so I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and did pay in full for our sins this Catholic priest is false false false false false Jesus Christ paid in full for all of our sins which means there is no such thing as purgatory and never was it's a Catholic thing they need to bow down and give their lives up to the Lord for real and no other man can make you a saint but the Lord Jesus Christ if you believe in him and you gave your life to him you are a saint God bless you all and I love you and I will pray for those who believe in that false Doctrine.please come and join orthodoxy=THE ONLY TRUTH

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